michael miller jr.
Publication: Catholic Health Care & AI Ethics May 9, 2022 academia & writing & post In December of 2021, I completed my first doctoral capstone class.1 The goal of the course was to develop a “publishable” paper that reflects the Reflection Room Mar 13, 2022 Hierarchicalism & Accountability Mar 5, 2022 post & catholic church & leadership I recently read James Keenan, SJ’s article in Theological Studies entitled “Hierarchicalism.”1 I recommend checking it out, as Keenan invites us to Peace in Ukraine Feb 25, 2022 post #PrayTogether #Ukraine pic.twitter.com/WUyGuMLYzG — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) February 25, 2022 Remarks on Commitment Weekend Oct 25, 2020 parish life & ministry & stewardship & post In 2002, I married my wife, Sarah, at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish. She grew up in this neighborhood, went to St. Margaret of Scotland School and
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