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Reflecting on Notifications Nov 20, 2022 post & reflection Last week SSM Health celebrated Mission and Heritage Week. 2022 is the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Mother M. Odilia Berger and her Update: Fall 2022 Sep 28, 2022 academia & writing & post & update Hello, friends! Here are some of my recent research and writing efforts: I had the honor and pleasure of contributing to this article in the NCBQ. Publication: Catholic Health Care & AI Ethics May 9, 2022 academia & writing & post In December of 2021, I completed my first doctoral capstone class.1 The goal of the course was to develop a “publishable” paper that reflects the Hierarchicalism & Accountability Mar 5, 2022 post & catholic church & leadership I recently read James Keenan, SJ’s article in Theological Studies entitled “Hierarchicalism.”1 I recommend checking it out, as Keenan invites us to Peace in Ukraine Feb 25, 2022 post #PrayTogether #Ukraine pic.twitter.com/WUyGuMLYzG — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) February 25, 2022 Remarks on Commitment Weekend Oct 25, 2020 parish life & ministry & stewardship & post In 2002, I married my wife, Sarah, at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish. She grew up in this neighborhood, went to St. Margaret of Scotland School and On My 20th Anniversary of Leaving the Seminary Aug 30, 2020 vocation & ministry & reflection & post I still remember walking up the stairs to the front door of Notre Dame Seminary in late summer of 1998. I was a new seminarian, eager to dive into John Lewis: In Memoriam Jul 26, 2020 racism & peace & leadership & justice & post March Trilogy by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell As stories and images emerge across the country of the memorial services for John Lewis, I